the writing is on the wall- yes/prep plans to cannibalize our elementary school- so i’m recommending our study group explore converting northline elementary into a preK to 5th grade ALC “agile learning center”. it’s time to evolve beyond the “public vs charter” debate and shift the paradigm. to address the lack of quality, affordable and accessible early childhood programs, hcc and baker ripley are on board with our proposal to open a lab school- we should be willing and grateful to work with yes/prep as long as they’re willing to coordinate with our values, and collaborate with the holistic needs of our entire community. we will soon pass a resolution to “up” the community’s nurture quotient and address decades of having our children under-served, ignored and overlooked- we’ve already committed to making stem whole by including arts and converting it to steam- we’re designing our 3 miles of avenue revitalization as a sustainability corridor to include an economic and entrepreneur opportunity zone and since our campus is 60+yrs old, we are overdue for a rebuild. i welcome comments and feedback about the intentional school movement and the idea of a collaborative enterprise between hisd, hcc, baker-ripley and yes/prep in our neighborhood. anyone who wants further info or wants to talk please message me and i’d appreciate the opportunity. the next step will be passing the resolution and offering the recommendations of the study group to all principles and stakeholders. thanks, deb.